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BEATLES MAGAZINE are glad to be a part of this project, thank you Peacing Together project  thank you Samantha Koshare Edouardes – Delight Makers Team 

“The Peacing Together Team are calling out to see if there are any Beatles fans out there who ever saw John Lennon’s Sgt Peppers Gypsy Caravan. Were you, or a loved there, on the day it made its debut in July 1967? Or maybe you were one of those die-hard fans that used to sneak into the grounds of Kenwood, trying to get a glimpse of John? We know there are a few out there who managed to make it into the gardens! Orperhaps, you saw the caravan making its way to Ireland, or on John’s island on the West Coasts of Ireland, Dorinish? Did you see it being floated across the sea or coming back? Maybe you saw it on its way to Tittenhurst or whilst it was there?

The team would love to hear from you if you did. It will help them to piece together more of the story. They are interested in all stories and memories, and any images whether black and white or colour. And they have a beautiful way to say thank you to those of you who come forward to help …  Find out more: Here  or Here.

Video.. Here.

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