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The only album credited to both Paul and Linda McCartney, RAM reached Number 1 in the UK and stayed in the US Top 10 for five months. To mark the 50th Anniversary, join the Listening Party on 17 May at 10AM PDT | 6PM BST

In the wake of the dissolution of the Beatles, Paul and his wife Linda crafted a collection of songs that channeled their domestic bliss and Paul’s desire to create something unlike any of his work with the Fab Four. A half-century later, it remains a classic.

Ram, which was shared with the world on May 17, 1971, will turn 50 on Monday. This week, Seiwell saluted it with the release of Ram On, a track-by-track tribute album that the original drummer—joined by Spinozza and a host of Ram admirers from the music world—played on and coproduced. The impulse to piece together a Ram remake during a pandemic is a manifestation of the special place in the McCartney catalog carved out by his second post-Beatles LP, the only album ever credited to “Paul and Linda McCartney.” A year after recording Abbey Road, McCartney drew on his undiminished melodicism, musicianship, and versatile voice to set the barbed hooks that result in unskippable songs.

Fans all over the world will be able to listen together with an exclusive Listening Party 50 years to the day since the album came out.

The RAM Listening Party starts on Monday 17th May 10am (PDT) / 6pm (BST). .. Here.

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