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Ringo said he loves using emoticons on Twitter.

Ringo, who manages his official handle on his own, admitted he likes posting these signs but he does not go overboard with it, reported Billboard.

“Twitter, that’s the one I do myself. But I do it at a reasonable hour! Sometime in the afternoon, when I’ve been up for a while. And I love the emojis. It started, like, thanking people for coming to the gig. Like, what a great night we had in Houston or Cincinnati or wherever. Like, wow, great crowd. Some fun went down … So I point that out,” Ringo said.

Ringo, who has 1.62 million followers on the microblogging site, added he is an impulsive tweeter as he feels a need to share every little detail with his fans.

“You know, just sometimes I’m sitting there and I’ll take a picture of something and just put it on! Or some line – I read a line, or I think of something to say and just put it on Twitter and send it out,” he said.

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