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Call me as you like …

Ringo has not lost his sense of humor. In an official ceremony at BuckinghamPalace, Prince William gave him the title of “sir”, but the former Beatles is not a formality. If you greet him with a Sir Ringo, a laugh breaks out.

Ringo is preparing a tour with the All Starr band that will pass from Italy . With him on the stage a superband with Colin Hay of Men at Work, Steve Lukather of Toto, the former Santana and Journey Gregg Rolie and the new entry Graham Gouldman of 10cc.

What did he think when Prince William put his sword on her shoulder?
“It’s part of a tradition but it was strange. It’s not something that happens to you every day. In general, however, I would say that it was a good experience. During the day, I experienced various emotions, from madness to joy. When I left and it was all over, I also felt a moment of sadness. ”

“The last time I had been at Buckingham Palace there were four of us (when the Beatles obtained the title of Mbe in 1965, ed). This time I was alone ».

Ever thought about the withdrawal?
“I’m glad you ask me this question. So I announce my withdrawal: it will take place in 10 years. In 2028 I give up everything. Actually, I never thought about retiring. This is what I love to do and I still have the opportunity to do. There is the tour in Europe and then the one in the USA. And next year, I do not know where yet, but I will work again ».

The 50 years of each Beatles album are celebrated. In a little while, though, it will be half a century since the band broke up …
“For now I enjoy the remastering of the tracks. They have a modern, brighter sound and finally you can hear the drums ».

Ringo’s rematch? Did you think you deserve more space?
«I think that for the technology of the time the battery felt very little. Now it is clear and you can listen to what I was doing then “.

The next to exceed half a century will be the «White Album» …
“I love that record. After “Sgt. Pepper “we came back to being a band even though during the recordings I left and then came back. One of the tracks that I always promote is “Yer Blues”. We were in a 4-meter room, with no dividers, only the four of us playing together. For me, music has always been that. That’s why I’m ready to start with the tour, I love playing live ».

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