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Ringo Starr recently posted a March-update video on his Instagram account and revealed that his first EP of the year was released just some hours ago, on March 19, and that he has already started working on a second one which will also be released this year.

As it turns out, he has already started working on a new EP which will be released probably around October. It seems like all these projects are keeping Ringo alive during the repetitive days of COVID-19 and give him a chance to play drums, and have fun. His March update video really excited Ringo’s fans, who couldn’t believe that their favorite drummer has been working so hard to please his fans.

Here’s what Ringo said in his March update:
“There we go, peace and love, peace and love everybody, Ringo here just updating what’s going on. And you know, surprise, surprise, the book came out ‘Ringo rocks: 30 Years of the All Starrs’ and just sold out, but it will be back on the market weeks from now and all the proceeds go to the Lotus Foundation. And I’ve got an EP coming out, ‘Zoom In‘ and that‘s on the 19th of this month.

I’ve been doing the press and the promotion so I thought I might do an update as well. We’re not touring this year, but I‘m making another EP for October. So, there’s this EP coming out and another one, so I’m getting a chance to hit my drums and paint a bit. So, that’s what I’m doing, I’ve had two shots so I feel like I’m grooving. Peace and love, peace and love.”

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