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Bonham and Keith Moon. Which of the two was the most reckless?
Ah, both. When I moved to Los Angeles in the 70s and the Led Zeppelins passed through the city, Bonham had this fixed nail so he had to take the car, come to my house, pick me up and throw me in the pool. And it really did. It could have been day or night, but he would come and throw me in the pool.

And Keith, he was a beautiful person, but we all took stuff and he was no exception. For my parents it was Uncle Keith and for a time he lived with us, more or less. It is thanks to the two of them if we drummers have the reputation of decerebrates. It’s not that all drummers are like that. The two of them did, and they were my friends.

There is this story according to which Keith Moon gave gifts to your children, only that he didn’t buy them …
He came to our house with a jukebox. We thanked him and some time later the invoice arrived. I remember a Christmas when he and his girlfriend arrived with gifts, he dressed as Santa and she as a snow queen. And even that time I got the bill. At the end I said: listen Keith, don’t buy me any more gifts, I can’t afford them!

When ask about  if he ever thought about the withdrawal, Ringo answered
“I’m glad you ask me this question. So I announce my withdrawal: it will take place in 10 years. In 2028 I give up everything. Actually, I never thought about retiring. This is what I love to do and I still have the opportunity to do.

The 50 years of each Beatles album are celebrated. In a little while, though, it will be half a century since the band broke up …
“For now I enjoy the remastering of the tracks. They have a modern, brighter sound and finally you can hear the drums ».

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