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…“I mean, what a great concept!”
Ringo Starr has given the thumbs up to Yesterday, the recent Beatles movie directed by Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis.

Speaking from the red carpet of the Global Citizen Awards at the Royal Albert Hall, Ringo appeared to not remember about the film, but gave his seal of approval after being reminded by his Bond actress wife Barbara Bach.

“Oh yeah – I loved it,” Ringo explained.
“I mean, what a great concept. You know?” he added.
The movie, which hit cinemas in June, follows the story of a fledgling musician whose life takes a dramatic turn when he realises he’s one of only a handful of people left in the world that remembers The Beatles songs..

Actor Himesh Patel plays Jack Malik, a wannabe musician who makes a name for himself by fraudulently claiming The Beatles songs are his own creations.

Himesh was also in attendance, but missed the arrival of Ringo.

“That’s absolutely insane,” he said, after finding out about his attendance.
When asked what he’d say if he met Ringo, Himesh added: “I really don’t know. I’d just say ‘thank you’ to be honest. What do you ask Ringo Starr? I just really don’t know how they did it.” Jesturing towards the Albert Hall, Himesh added: “It’s a big room, maybe I’ll be able to say hello…”

Meanwhile, Boyle and Curtis previously revealed how both Starr and Olivia Harrison – the widow of George Harrison – sent notes about how much they enjoyed the film after seeing it.
“You have to write to them and explain the concept so they’ll let you associate the music with it and then also we sent them the finished film, just out of courtesy,” they explained.

“…We got a lovely message back from Ringo and Olivia, George’s widow. I don’t think Paul has seen it but he saw the trailer and said ‘The trailer seems to work – that’s a surprise!’”

Last month, Paul McCartney also revealed that he had snuck into a cinema to watch the film, and confirmed that he “loved it”.

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