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Wherever you live on this beautiful planet, we invite you to be part of the ‘Peace & Love Initiative’ (P&LI). Now, more than ever we need to focus on the simplicity & purity of Peace & Love.

With your support along with friends, family, communities, organizations & businesses large & small, let’s project a unified message and  a place where we all can live in harmony, while at the same time, help others through the P&L Initiative and the Lotus Foundation. 

Help Ringo Promote Peace & Love!

We are now taking orders for the Limited Edition Peace & Love Hand Statues. The hands come in a standard color of your choice. An exclusive number will include Ringo Art on the ring disk. As an option, Hands Statues can be customized. All hand statues include a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Ringo.

Available in a variety of color finishes including approved custom designs. Gel & UV protective coating available.
Suitable for interior or exterior display.

The statue comes with the traditional Peace Sign ring symbol as shown.You may upgrade your hand statue with unique Ringo Art, signed by Ringo himself.You also have the option of customizing the ring face with your own design.

Visit : HERE

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