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The Beatles drummer will appear on the 100th episode of Rather’s series on Oct. 2. In this exclusive preview, Starr has a confession to make: Growing up he didn’t pay attention to drummers. “I never listened to the drummer, I listened for the whole thing… I listened for the whole feel of the record.”

For years now, Starr has toured with his All-Starr Band. Even though he’s the centerpiece, he says he’s happiest surrounded by other musicians. “I’m a band guy…I play with all these other guys,” he says. “When the band first started, I was so insecure, though I’d said yes, there were three drummers. I was in the middle, Jim Keltner, my hero from L.A., drummer, was on this side and Levon Helm was on this side and we were all boogieing away. Life is good.”

Ringo also addresses the “risk” he took in leaving The Hurricanes to join the lesser known Beatles. It obviously worked out okay for Ringo.


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