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By Posted on 1 18

Historian Gary Astridge Produces Faithful Limited-Edition Replica of Ringo’s Iconic Beatle Era Snare Drum
Los Angeles, CA: There’s only one 1963 oyster black pearl Ludwig Jazz Festival played by the world’s most famous drummer on some of the world’s most beloved music. This rarest of instruments has now been faithfully replicated in 15 collector quality instruments handcrafted by Ringo drum historian Gary Astridge. The Ludwig Drum Company partnered with Astridge to produce 15 one-of-a-kind drum shells by utilizing specifications from the original. Each Starr Festival snare drum features authentic 60s vintage hardware and historically correct accessories honoring the era. “My passion for the music and the drums of Ringo and the Beatles, along with my curiosity, has led me to amass a knowledge-base that I want to share.” said Astridge. “It’s an honor and a massive responsibility to have Ringo agree to authorize this project and hand sign each drum in part to support his and Barbara’s charity, The Lotus Foundation. We’ve spared no effort or cost in precisely reproducing this rare and valuable instrument.” Based on a variety of factors, including the unique concept and small number being produced, each drum carries a $30,000.00 price tag.
Branded as the Starr Festival by Astridge, the drum will be made available on April 18, to match the manufacture’s stamp date inside of the original drum. Ringo took possession of his Jazz Festival on May 12, 1963 and played it almost exclusively throughout his career with the Beatles. For the rest of the story, visit for additional details and an introductory video.

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  • urumi
    Thursday, March 8, 2018

    Thanks for the additional rock lore. I have Freebird on my Travel Rock playlist. The fact is that without the Beatles we would have probably missed out on a lot of the great bands that came after them like the Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, The Who and Pink Floyd. The Beatles changed everything, and shaped the bountiful fount of creativity that embodied the Sixties. All those bands are great but the Beatles got the ball rolling. There has never been a phenomenon like the Beatlemania and it”s unlikely to happen again any time soon. They are without question a band that changed the world.

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