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“Mom and dad will share a wardrobe, so I saw a genderless relationship in clothes like this. I think I was really attracted to it. My first memory was sitting in my mom and dad’s wardrobe and watching all their clothes. I was watching a movie too. I wanted to do something creative And, as you know, I saw myself in entertainment, dressed up and working, but growing up on a farm makes it a very contrasting world. I did.
“One was riding a horse and not wearing a condom, the other was thigh-high boots and rock and roll, so I got this incredible insight into costumes and wardrobes.”

Stella, who has just released her first series of lab-grown mushroom leather mylo, says another big inspiration behind her design is the psychology of clothing.
“As I got older, I realized that fashion was my career choice. I was just an intern and sold in Paris, but it wasn’t attractive that I really wanted to pursue it. It was a psychological aspect of what you were wearing that reflected who you were and how you were feeling.”

“Some things make me feel good, others make me sick. I found it really appealing.”


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