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Here are excerpts in which he discussed:

Himself: “I’m a weird guy with a weird sense of humor. Please take out the parts of this interview that make me sound like a douche bag.”

Playing at Humphreys: “Ringo loves that place! He loves to give sh-t to the people out on boats who don’t pay for tickets.”

Ringo: “I’ve been in his band for seven years and I adore the man. He’s 78 and seems every bit like he’s 45. This guy is my hero. He’s really smart and he’s as funny now as he was in (the 1964 Beatles’ movie) ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. I’ve been in his band for seven years now and I’ve learned so much from Ringo. I got to write a song (2017’s ‘Show Me the Way’) with Ringo — and Paul (McCartney) played bass on it. If it only sells 100 copies, I did a song with Ringo and Paul! Ringo did that for me, because he knew how much it would mean to me. He is such a thoughtful guy. I told him he’d have to kill me to get rid of me!”

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