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George Harrison’s Material World Foundation has donated $500,000 to COVID-19 relief. The foundation — started by the late Beatle in 1973 with the release of the LP Living in the Material World — donated the funds to MusiCare’s COVID-19 Foundation, Save the Children, and Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

In addition, the foundation launched “The Inner Light Challenge,” in which users across the globe share a line, verse, or chorus from the Beatles’ 1968 B side — featured in a new lyric-video below. One dollar will be donated to pandemic relief for every person who posts the clip with the hashtag #innerlight2020, with a maximum of $100,000.

Harrison’s son, Dhani, covers “The Inner Light” in the clip above. “Without going out of my door/I can know all things on earth,” he sings, ringing a Tibetan singing bowl while sitting on a couch. “Without looking out of my window/I could know the ways of heaven.”

“These lyrics sung by George are a positive reminder to all of us who are isolating, in quarantine, or respecting the request to shelter in place,” Harrison’s widow, Olivia, said in a statement. “Let’s get and stay connected at this difficult time. There are things we can do to help, and we invite you to share your Inner Light.”

Dhani recently revived his father’s record label, Dark Horse Records, and has plans for previously unreleased material to see the light of day. “It’s the family business, as they say,” “It’s funny — if you’re a plumber and want to be in the family plumbing business, no one would think anything about that. That would be normal. But in our family, the family business is music, so I’m just doing what mum and dad did. No one is making us do it. We have to do it.”


Ringo and Paul on initiative #innerlight2020…
“I am sending Peace and Love to everyone and hope you are staying healthy and safe. I want to thank and support Dhani and Olivia for this great campaign to help to fight Covid 19. Peace and love,” Ringo

“When we find ourselves in times of trouble… Happy to support Dhani and Olivia with this very worthwhile cause. Great song, wonderful initiative #innerlight2020” – Paul


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Paul McCartney posted a touching throwback tribute for Mother’s Day on Instagram on Sunday.

His late mother Mary inspired the rocker to write the song Let It Be and she was the main breadwinner in the family with her career as a nurse and a midwife.

Paul posted an adorable black and white image which had never been seen before by any of his fans.
In the snap, a much younger Paul grinned alongside his brother Peter and his doting nurse mum Mary.
The two young boys wore matching braces and smart shirts for the family portrait.
“Wishing Mothers all over the world a Happy #MothersDay – Paul #PaulMcCartney,” he captioned the image.

The musician posted the unseen snap with his 2.9 million Instagram followers.
Paul confided in James Corden his mum was the inspiration for the iconic track Let It Be.

“I had a dream in the Sixties where my mum who died came to me in a dream and was reassuring me, saying: ‘It’s gonna be OK. Just let it be…””I felt so great. She gave me the positive word.
“So I woke up and was like, ‘What’d she say? Let it be.’ … That’s kind of good. So I wrote the song ‘Let it Be’ but it was that positivity.” Paul McCartney’s mum died in 1956 when he was just 14 years old.


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Irene’s question sent in the from the USA: What do you do to relax?

Paul: “Thank you for asking, Irene. So, horse riding is one of my favourite ways to relax. I have a farm in the country where I love to ride. I have a horse called Moonstar, who is great. I’ve ridden him for years, so we know each other very well. It’s always a great relaxation to go out into the fields and the woods. I can go out for about two hours and trek around. It’s a big farm with some fabulous trails, a lot of which I made. It used to be my hobby when I had time on my hands. I would go out into the forest, take my Land Rover and then pull my chainsaw out and clear some paths, normally following animal paths like deer. Or some tracks had been made by forestry workers years before when it had overgrown. So I’d make them into horse trails. Which is always very exciting when you’ve finished and you’ve joined one trail up to another.

“I also love just watching TV. I’m a big TV watcher! I know a lot of people watch series on iPads, I’m not so big into that. I prefer just easy television and Nancy makes fun of me for it. She says, ‘Paul will watch the “anything department!”’ And she’s right! In America, I will watch the infomercials…” “Like on the shopping channel?”

Paul: “Yeah! I say, ‘Yeah well, I’m like a tourist, so this is all new for me!’ Whereas it’s a boring shopping channel for Nancy. For me, I think it’s kind of exciting. I end up watching the craziest programmes. I just switch around a lot and then get hooked. I end up watching something you wouldn’t imagine I’d watch! I have to resist buying everything: ‘I need a can of that!’ DiDi Seven. There’s some stuff called DiDi Seven. It cleans everything! ‘I need some of that!’ Nancy will say, ‘…Are you sure?’

“It’s relaxing! It’s nice to escape and sometimes a bit of easy TV is great. You don’t have to think about anything! You know, I’ve been thinking all day, either in the studio or in the office. Meeting with you guys. Doing things like answering questions, having meetings about this and that. So, I get home and just flop, turn the TV on, just flick around. I love things like ‘Gogglebox’. And some of the comedy shows like ‘Would I Lie To You?’ All the British shows like that. They’re just such good programmes.”


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Paul´s ‘magic’ psychedelic drawings go to auction

A builder could be £10,000 richer after finding papers in a skip that included sketches Paul McCartney commissioned for his psychedelic piano.

Andy Clynes, 54, from Oldham, was overseeing a development at a mill near Manchester when the papers were thrown out with other waste.
He took them out of the skip and stored the papers in a box in his loft for around 20 years until deciding recently to see what they are worth.
An auction house is now selling the highlight of the find, the sketches and designs for the Beatle’s so-called “magic” piano.
More of the papers from his find will go under the hammer in a separate sale later this year at Omega Auctions, with the total expected to fetch £10,000.

I picked them out of the skip. “The case burst open as it was thrown in. It was raining and I just picked up what I could.” I imagine there was a lot more there but it was damaged.”
– Andy Clynes

The papers document a handwritten list of commissions for 1960s art collective BEV.They include commissions for The Kinks – the collective worked on their album cover Sunny Afternoon – Lord Snowdon, Guinness heir Tara Browne and Sir Paul. Collective member Dudley Edwards painted the psychedelic motifs on to the star’s piano in 1967.
Mr Clynes, a buildings site contract manager, picked up the papers around 1999 while converting a mill into a wine bar.
To this day, he does not know why they were there.
“It could have been an art studio at some time or another,” he said.”I’ve had them for 20-odd years. You put things away and forget about them and then something triggers your mind.”I haven’t planned what I’ll do with the money yet but I was surprised about the value.”

One of the items included in a list of commissions says “to paint Paul McCartney’s piano”.
Mr Clyne said: “I Googled ‘Paul McCartney’s piano’ and when I looked at the drawing it was very similar.”
Auctioneer Paul Fairweather described the papers as a “rare find”.”It’s fantastic that such an important archive was recovered and even better for our vendor that it should prove a lucrative decision to save them from the skip,” he said.

“The designs of BEV encapsulate the optimism, excitement and free spirit of collaboration that ensures that the late 1960s endure in the popular consciousness even to this day.”

The sketches and designs for Sir Paul’s piano are expected to fetch up to £2,000 in the Beatles vinyl and memorabilia sale at Omega Auctions on March 24.