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Ringo Starr is the latest celebrity to sign on as an instructor for MasterClass. The legendary Beatle will teach drumming and creative collaboration in a course that’s set to launch Nov. 22.

Ringo’s involvement was announced during MasterClass’ inaugural First Look event, where the company revealed their upcoming line of courses, new learning experiences and initiatives to aid underserved communities.

“MasterClass puts you in the room with the world’s best, giving members unprecedented access to the greatest minds of our time,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass. “Today’s announcements will expand that opportunity with new classes, features, integrations and partnerships that will help deliver access to the platform to more people in more ways and in more places.”

MasterClass allows subscribers to access tutorials and lectures from experts in their respective fields. Tom Morello, Carlos Santana, and Metallica are among the rockers who have previously taught classes for the popular education program.

Ringo’s involvement in MasterClass continues a busy year for the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. Change the World, Ringo’s most recent EP, was released in September. The highly anticipated new version of the Let It Be documentary, helmed by Academy Award winning director Peter Jackson, debuts Nov. 25. Starr has been especially supportive of the new cut, describing it as a “six-hour masterpiece” that better reflects the fun the band was having in the studio. “‘There was lots of laughter, I was there, we were laughing, we were having fun. We were playing and doing what we do.”


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Wherever you live on this beautiful planet, we invite you to be part of the ‘Peace & Love Initiative’ (P&LI). Now, more than ever we need to focus on the simplicity & purity of Peace & Love.

With your support along with friends, family, communities, organizations & businesses large & small, let’s project a unified message and  a place where we all can live in harmony, while at the same time, help others through the P&L Initiative and the Lotus Foundation. 

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Ringo Starr, Max Weinberg, Matt Cameron Lead Massive Cover of ‘Come Together’ to End World Hunger
Rendition of the Beatles classic is part of WhyHunger’s new “Drum Together” campaign
Ringo Starr, Max Weinberg, Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron, and over 100 other musicians have united for a massive cover of the Beatles’ “Come Together” as part of a new campaign to help end world hunger.

The “Drum Together” clip was organized by WhyHunger, and along with Starr, Weinberg, and Cameron, it features drummers like Jim Keltner, Steve Gadd, Cindy Blackman Santana, and 11-year-old prodigy Nandi Bushell. While a massive coalition of percussionists (including an orchestra timpanist) create the base for this epic rendition of “Come Together,” the meticulously stitched-together performance also features an array of other musicians from guitarists and pianists to trombonists and trumpeters.

“Drum Together” was helmed by producer Brian Resnick and Drumming’s Global Ambassador Dom Famularo. Funds raised from the clip will support WhyHunger’s efforts to end global hunger by funding community-led solutions to the problem.

“We all can agree that no kid should be hungry, and everyone should have access to nutritious food. This is a great cause that I’ve supported in the past and a great track — one of my favorite Beatles songs. So when Jim Keltner asked me to join all these other drummers I was happy to,” Ringo said.

Resnick adds, “’Drum Together’ was a very ambitious project, but simple in concept: Bring our drumming community together for a common cause and make an impact. The video features the greatest collection of drummers ever to perform on one song, and is so inspiring and powerful. I’m really moved by the generosity of all the phenomenal musicians who donated their time and talents, and I hope the project energizes people to get involved and join with WhyHunger in the movement to end world hunger.”

Official Video.. Here.



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Ringo Starr isn’t sure if he will hit the road next year due to the COVID-19 situation still being “dodgy”.

Ringo had no choice but to call off all his shows in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and although he has the opportunity to head out on the road with his All-Starr Band again next year, he is still wary about risking his health.

He said: “We didn’t know what it was going to be like in March 2020.
“It was getting a bit rough and we all knew about it and we had to postpone the main tour.
“In my naivety I’m on the Internet and I’m saying, ‘I’m sorry, I know you all wanted to come to these gigs but don’t worry, hold on to the tickets because I’m going to do the exact same tour next year’.
“And, of course, we didn’t.
“I’m not going out this year. They’ve sent me the itinerary over for next year but it’s impossible to say if it’s on. I’m saying in my heart it’s on, but let’s see where we are.
“Getting through the pandemic has not been easy but what has made it easier for me is that I’ve had the chance to make music and hang out with other musicians.
“Last year we’d all be tested before we joined up together and this year we’ve all had our jabs so we hang out.
“It’s been a very strange year but when the tour dates come up I think to myself, ‘I want to be on tour’.
“But it’s not going to happen, that’s just the truth of the whole deal. It’s still dodgy.”

Ringo – who is married to 74-year-old actress Barbara Bach – admitted he missed out a big celebration to mark his 80th birthday in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis, and although he has had the chance to see his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren he still laments the lost time.