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The Beatles showed up in the pages of the Fantastic Four, as one of the most iconic bands in music history crossed over with Marvel Comics.
The Fantastic Four have encountered all kinds of heroes and villains during their nearly 60 years in the pages of Marvel Comics. However, one of their strangest adventures was the time they ran into the popular British rock band, The Beatles.

The Beatles have continuously crossed over in pop culture ever since debuting in the mid-60s. Besides their extensive music catalog, the band has appeared in everything from television, movies, novels, and comic books. Batman even broke up a parody version of the Beatles in the DC Universe. In the Marvel Universe, the real-life band made an appearance in an issue that featured a double-date gone wrong.

In Strange Tales #130 by Stan Lee, Bob Powell, Chic Stone, and Sam Rosen, one of the stories called “Meet The Beatles!” featured Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm getting ready to go to a concert with Dorrie, and Alicia Masters. The group takes a taxi and after some traffic delays (which Ben promptly avoids after lifting the taxi), they make it to the concert. Dorrie and Alicia actually run into The Beatles. But, before Johnny and Ben can join them, a man bursts in the concert hall and tells them something terrible just happened.
The Human Torch and The Thing are called into action after being informed the money that was going to The Beatles for the concert was stolen – and if it wasn’t recovered, there would be no way to pay them. The criminals, wearing Beatles wigs, are chased by Johnny and Ben. The robbers put up a decent fight against them, but after chasing them to a carnival and causing some destruction, they manage to dispatch of them. The duo quickly jump in the Fantasticar and head back to the concert. However, once they’re about to enter the doors, a group of fans come bursting through and tell them the show is over. Johnny and Ben ultimately miss the concert and can’t do dinner afterward because they have to clean up the mess from the robbery. Johnny laments “maybe someday I’ll understand why anyone would want to be a superhero.”

Sadly, Johnny and Ben missed the once and a lifetime chance to see The Beatles live. However, they had a perfectly good excuse as they had to chase the robbers down and do their duties as heroes of the Fantastic Four. But, it’s doubtful that makes either of them feel better about missing the iconic rock band in concert.


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