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The Beatles played a gig in Doncaster when they were in the early stages of their career.
On February 5, 1963, The Beatles played one of their legendary concerts in Doncaster.

Back then the band was in its early stages and had just two hit records out – Love Me Do- had climbed as high as number 17 and follow-up Please Please Me lodged at number two.

Mick Longworth worked at The Regent hotel where the band was staying the night before the concert.
He said: “When I heard The Beatles were staying at our hotel, I couldn’t believe it.

“I’d come home from school the night before and my mum just casually mentioned that we’d got a band in who were playing at The Gaumont that night.”

Mick, whose family runs the South Parade hotel, was so impressed that the Fab Four were in town that he cancelled his paper round for the following morning just so he could provide room service.

“They were in two rooms – John and George in one and Paul and Ringo in the other.
“I took tea to Paul and Ringo while Dave served John and George.

“Later on, when they came down to breakfast, they gave me a signed picture card, one of my proudest possessions which I have kept to this day.

“I’m sure a lot of the other guests didn’t realise who they were.”

Just hours earlier, the group had come off stage at The Gaumont, sparking the first crazed scenes which later spawned a whole new word – Beatlemania.
“It really is a piece of rock history,” he continued.

“How many hotel guest books in the world contain the signatures of The Beatles?

“Doncaster is a very important place in the history of the greatest group ever and we should all remember that.

“The Beatles changed the world forever and I am glad that I was a very small part of it.”
The Beatles played in Doncaster five times during their career including: The Co-op Ballroom – August 8, 1962, The Gaumont Theatre on February 5, March 22 and December 10, 1963, St James’ Baths – February 20, 1963.


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