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Interview by Houston Disc Jockey Buddy McGregor at Cliveden House in Maidenhead, Berkshire. The Beatles shooting the Buckingham Palace scenes for their second film, ‘Help!’ on May 10th. 1965

Q: “Quite a race was run on the lawn here at the Astor mansion today, and the Beatles did win, as I told you earlier. And I have Paul and John here. You ran a very good race.”

PAUL: “Thank you very much. Thank you.”

Q: “Had you ever done this before?”

PAUL: “Not since school, you know. Done a bit since… I haven’t done any since, I mean. I’ve done some now, you know.”

Q: “This was quite a long course out there.”

PAUL: “Well, yes. Fifteen furlongs, I’d say.”

Q: “There was a lot of good running back there. Do you think you did your share?”

PAUL: “Well you see, the best team won.”

Q: “John, do you have any comments?”

JOHN: “No.”

Q: “Thank you. John, Americans aren’t…”

JOHN: “Aren’t they?”

Q: “…aren’t acquainted with the term ‘spanner.’ It’s a wrench, isn’t it?”

JOHN: “Wrench, monkey wrench. Yeah.”

Q: “And so your new book called ‘Spaniard In The Works’ is really a play on the word ‘spanner.'”

JOHN: “Yes. We’re playing about with spanners. (laughs) Just me laughing.”

Q: “Does it have anything to do with a monkey wrench?”

JOHN: “No. It’s just about a fella. There’s just a drawing of him with cars, you see. It’s nothing about cars. He’s a Spaniard working on a farm.”


Q: “What is that?”

JOHN: “It’s a whopper.”

Q: “Oh. We call these popsicles at home.”

JOHN: “We call them, uhh… what do we call them? …Lolly ices.”

PAUL: “Lolly ices. I was gonna say icicles, but we don’t.”

JOHN: “We call some of them Jerry.”

Q: “Yours is red and his is yellow, and Ringo’s is yellow.”

RINGO: “Guess whose one’s got the bellow.”

Q: “Ringo just joined our little group. Good seeing you. I wanted to ask about your car, Ringo. It’s a beautiful thing. What’s it called?”

JOHN: “Arthur.”

RINGO: “It’s called Nigel. It’s called a Facel Vega, actually.”

Q: “Doesn’t it have a Chevrolet engine?”

RINGO: “I don’t know. It’s got an American engine whose name I will not say… unless they give me a free engine.”

JOHN: “Yeah, I’ll mention it too if you give me a free engine.”

Q: “John, the rocks that you and Paul got from our trip this morning. We went down to…”

JOHN: “It was me and George that got the rocks.”

Q: “Oh I’m sorry. It was George.”

JOHN: “Paul’s already got rocks… in his head.”

Q: “We went down to the pub at lunchtime and there were some little bushes and hedges around the front of the pub and what do you think surrounded them?”

JOHN: “I dunno. More little bushes and hedges?”

Q: “No. All those rare rocks that we thought we had a scoop on.”

JOHN: “Oh that’s lousy. What happened? Maybe somebody else had been down there plucking them.”

Q: “They’re all over the place up at the pub. Are you looking forward to this (American Tour) trip?”

BEATLES: “Yeah.”

RINGO: “Can’t wait to get to Houston, man.”

JOHN: “Yeah. Let’s go to Houston.”

Q: “John, have you heard about our Astrodome?”

JOHN: “No, thanks.”

PAUL: “Yeah, I have. It was on the Early Bird link the other day on the television.”

RINGO: “That’s right.”

PAUL: “And it said, ‘Howdy Europe, Yeah!'”

JOHN: “Oh, was that it?”

PAUL: “That was it.”

JOHN: “Oh it was great, that.”

Q: “And the scoreboard lit up and said ‘Howdy.’ When they hit a home run, it goes crazy. It flashes lights and does all sorts of tricks.”

PAUL: “It has a mind of its own.”

Q: “Pretty much. Pretty much.”

JOHN: “Pretty polly.”


Q: “The Beatles are eating… lollysicles. Is that right?”

RINGO: “Lolly ices.”

Q: “Which is what we refer to as popsicles in America.”

RINGO: “Do you? Why? ‘Cuz they’re made of ice.”

Q: “I really don’t know why we call them popsicles.”

JOHN: “I mean, they’re not made out of POPSICS, are they?”

Q: “No.”

PAUL: “Lemonade pop, made into an icicle. Pop, sicle.”

RINGO: “Well that’s figured that out then… Well, why is it lolly ice? ‘Cuz it’s lolly with ice. And it’s lolly ice.”

JOHN: “Well, what’s lolly?”

RINGO: “You don’t know what a lolly is? Everybody knows what a lolly is.”

JOHN: “Well, we’ve made the LP then. Shall we go?”

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