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John asked for Daimler’s premium luxury motorcar, one of stature, and grace. The Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman was the reply.

He called up Mercedes-Benz and asked them for a special order, he asked for Daimler’s premium luxury motorcar, one of stature, grace, and Apache helicopter levels of weight – the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman.

This specific elongated model is one of the rarest ’70s Mercedes’ of all time with only 428 examples ever produced, and most of them for VIPs. Lennon’s was taken very seriously by the team from Stuttgart and they gave him free rein to spec it and custom order all the important bits.
The seats – are a beautiful black crushed velvet from front to rear, coating nearly the entire interior. His dwelling quarters in the rear were accented with the finest inlaid wood trim and a Phillips record player to listen to the music of his choice. The exterior is painted the most elegant shade of creamy swan white. After 3 years he was ready to let it serve George Harrison. He happily purchased the luxo-barge from John and enjoyed it for another 2 years before selling it to, you guessed it, another celebrity.

Mary Wilson of The Supremes bought it from George in 1975 and actually used for her tours with the group for the next several years. You can imagine after 3 people such as Lennon, Harrison, and Wilson had owned it, that it accrued some pretty wild miles on the odometer, so naturally, it was restored at the next available moment by the following owner.

It was sent back to Germany at Mercedes-Benz and completely restored by the same mechanics and artists that originally built it who then gave it back to the owner in Finland. So there it sat for many many years until John`s stuff was old enough to go on sale.

Surprisingly enough, at a 2006 auction, the restored 600 Pullman failed to meet its reserve price of almost $290,000 and now it most likely remains in the same owner’s garage.

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