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Ivor Davis was a member of the Beatles entourage, when he ‘ghosted’ George Harrison’s account of the festivities for the London daily Express.Ivor recounted his own experiences with the Lads in his work,The Beatles & Me: 1964 North American Tour (2014).Ivor joined Bob Wilson on his podcast,Tomorrow Never Knows on the Comfortably Zoned Radio Network.

Ivor was on hand when Paul McCartney rocked Los Angeles recently,and had no less than Sir Richard Starkey join him on drums.Davis met with his old friend Macca, and he recounts some of the discussion on the show.“It was just plain luck”,remarked Ivor on entering the realm of the Fab Four. The newspaper told me to, “get on the plane and get to San Francisco.I was in the front row for all of these incredible stories.”Ivor also was close to events when he investigated the Charles Manson murder spree which took place in California in 1969.His new work,Manson Exposed (2019),details the authors fifty years of living with these events he covered so closely.Ivor offers insight on how the record The Beatles(known as the White Album)was hijacked by Manson,and details John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s reactions as expressed to him personally.

Lend us your ears, and you can listen to the podcast.Ivor shares his wild ride and amazing experiences for Beatles Magazine. A splendid time if guaranteed for all.

Listen … Here.

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