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Earlier in the week you (and the rest of the world) fell in love with the moves of “Little Freddie” dancing to ‘Come On To Me’ during his night shift as a security guard. Today Paul unveils a second video for the track, so allow us to introduce Ali…

Ali, a first generation American, is a self-confessed “Momma’s boy” — but in a good way. Mrs and Mr Almohri came to the US as immigrants from Syria to build a new life and raise their three sons (our hero is the middle child). Sadly Ali is the only brother who’s single so he volunteers to do the night shift duty on the family’s food truck. But at 2am, when the world starts to slow down, Ali loves to crank up his boom-box and throw down. Thankfully for us, video director TG Herrington was on hand to film his moves. Ali is hard-working, confident, joyful …and a hopeless romantic. His long-standing crush on a young woman who frequents the food truck often results in him flashing a smile that he hopes will say to her he’s looking for more than just casual conversation. Why’s that? Ali’s goal in life is to find a wife…

Watch Paul’s new video for ‘Come On To Me’ from “EGYPT STATION” album below …

‘Come On To Me’ is taken from Paul’s new number one album Egypt Station. Pick up your copy of Egypt Station HERE!

And remember to check out “Little Freddie” and Ali’s GIFs over at Paul’s GIPHY channel HERE!


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