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A rare, unreleased demo of The Beatles song “What Goes On” is currently on sale through a listing on eBay.  This 1963 demo version predates the Beatles recording sung by Ringo and released on the Rubber Soul album in 1965. This earlier version was sung by John, who wrote the song, and features Lennon singing different lyrics. The demo also has John on acoustic guitar and Paul on harmony on the chorus; a few piano notes are audible in the background toward the end of the track.  The sale will end Oct. 1.  An excerpt of the recording can be heard here:

‘What Goes On’ was of one of John’s earliest compositions and originally written for his pre-Beatles group, The Quarrymen. On this excerpt from the unreleased 1963 demo acetate, John sings lead to acoustic guitar, backed by Paul on harmony. The recording reveals John’s original lyrics to the first verse with the familiar ‘What goes on…’ hook.

The recording also contains a second verse which too has different/unpublished lyrics. This demo recording has never been released and the original tape is presumed lost. However the song appeared in a different style with re-written verses on The Beatles’ 1965 album ‘Rubber Soul’.





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