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Paul has made yet another memorable musical film. Titled WHO CARES, the film takes on bullying—a subject that’s particularly meaningful for Executive Producer Regina K. Scully and very much in keeping with films that Artemis Rising helps to produce. Starring Emma Stone, the film debuts at Laemmle’s Monica Film Center, in Los Angeles, and from 12/14 to 12/16 you can sneak a peek. Soon after, the film will be available online (and seen on screens around the world).

Who Cares

NR | 6 minutes | English
Playing at Monica Film Center
Closes Sun. dec 16
Academy Award-winning actress Emma Stone portrays a distraught new patient of bullying who visits a seemingly disorganized hypnotherapist/meteorologist, portrayed by Sir Paul McCartney. Once hypnotized, she is transformed into a surreal Dali-esque landscape where, with the guidance of her hypnotist, she is able to overcome the power of the idiots and awaken back in reality empowered once again. #WhoCaresIDo
Runtime: 6 min
Language: English

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