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YOU GAVE ME THE ANSWER: How Do You Take Your Tea?

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Here at the office, tea is a big deal. With milk, without milk, with two sugars, with no sugar, with honey… Everyone has their own preference, and it’s a lot to remember if it’s your turn to do the 3pm tea run!

Paul also enjoys a cuppa (what else would we expect from the guy who wrote a song called ‘English Tea’?), so we thought this question from the aptly-named “Teatlemania” on Twitter was very appropriate: how do you take your tea? We spoke with Paul via Zoom to find out…

Paul: How do I take my tea? I take my tea with some soya milk and one sugar. If I’m really feeling naughty, one and a half sugars… I know, I’m living on the edge!

The funny thing is, I’m not a big tea drinker, but at the studio these things become a ritual. You guys have seen me drink it at the office too. It’s like – here’s a bagel, with a cup of tea. And that’s the only time I ever really have tea. I drink it at the studio or at the office, it just seems to fit. I don’t want a big lunch, so just that bagel and tea is great. And yeah, that’s how I take it – soya milk and one sugar.

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