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‘YOU GAVE ME THE ANSWER’ – Melissa from Australia Asks…

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We’ve all been busy here in the office Instagramming our summers, sharing some of our favourite memories from our holiday travels. We love how a photo can show so much in one image – happiness, a beautiful view, friends and family. So with that in mind, we loved finding out the answer to Melissa’s question this month!

Melissa asks: “Of all of the photographs that you have taken, which is your favourite?”

Paul replied…

“That I’ve taken? [pauses to think] Hmmm, it’s probably the one of Linda on the cover of ‘Wide Prairie’. It’s a really nice picture of her wearing the Fair Isle sweater.”

For fans less familiar with Wide Prairie – a posthumous solo album from Linda McCartney – it was compiled and produced by Paul, who also sings backing vocals and plays a variety of instruments. The album provides a personal glimpse into the varied aspects of Linda, from ‘Cow’ and ‘The White Coated Man’, where she stands up for animal rights, to the fun feel of her reggae-inspired ‘Seaside Woman’.

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