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We all have our favourite albums, songs and lyrics (some fans we know love them enough to get them as tattoos!). But one thing we don’t often consider is the backbone of the song: the chords. From pop and blues, to metal and R&B chords are the foundations of everyone’s favourite songs. So, when Ovi from Romania got in touch asking Paul about these musical building blocks, we were interested to hear his response to the question, “Do you have a favourite chord?”

Paul: “A favourite chord… That’s a hard question! But I would say E is a pretty big favourite. It’s one of the early chords you learn. And in the early days, we used to play the Buddy Holly songs that we listened to a lot. He used E and A a lot, so we used E and A lot too. It’s a very pure basic chord and on the guitar it rings out beautifully because the bottom string is open. So it has a resonance that some other chords don’t have. But they’re all good. I love them all basically, it’s hard to pick a favourite! But if I have to pick, I’ll go for E.”

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