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Electro-punk Duo SSHH are excited to bring you their brand-new single “Rising Tide” and official video released through BMG worldwide today. The single comes with 7 additional remixes of the track, featuring re-workings by the likes of legendary UK producer YOUTH, Sondrio, Acaddamy, Secret Space, Jevo Robotic, and SSHH themselves.

Talking about the song and video, the band’s lead singer, lyricist and band namesake Sshh revealed toEarmilk that the song was “born from a fiery argument” while “driving in a heavy rainstorm.” “I remember being furious beyond belief. Not only because we were having a huge fight, but because even though we were acting like assholes to each other, I couldn’t stop thinking how much I loved him. Just like I couldn’t stop the rain from falling, or the stars from shining, I just can’t stop loving this man!” Just like the song, Sshh explains the video reflects the song in its “raw, edgy, punky vibe” Sshh continues. “There is anger in the happiness and a little hate in the love. At the end of the day, passion rules.”
With the demo recorded in Black Dog in Devon and then finished in London, the single was written and recorded by Zak & Sshh and is the first new music since the band’s debut album “Issues” which was released back in November 2016.
A rare breed of band with comparisons ranging from Aphex Twin to The Sex Pistols, the duo of guitaristZak Starkey and vocalist Sshh known as SSHH, were recently described by NME as ‘a pelvis swinging slice of gnarly power-pop rock with vocals so saucy they make ketchup seem like mere water’.
With drumming credentials for the likes of The Who and Oasis, Zak Starkey steps out from the drum kit and slings on his guitar with attitude and skill. He plays the guitar like he plays the drums, with a precise and signature wildness, and with Sshh by his side, the raw singing, harmonica slinging pocket rocket from down under. Stalking across the music with a catlike prowess, Sshh is strong and seductive, with vocals that have been described as a mixture of ‘Bowie, Siouxie Soux, Iggy Pop, Karen O & Robert Plant’.
SSHH have recently been on tour in Australia supporting Liam Gallagher, and are now currently on tour across Australia supporting Primal Scream.


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